Location: Black Gold Room – 2nd Floor

Date: Saturday December 22nd

Registration: Emilee Margiotta at 504-948-1150

Please Note: This is a LIVE MONEY CONTEST

How the Contest Works:

  • The contest is a game of skill of handicapping Thoroughbred horse racing.
  • Each contestant/player will start the day with a $1,000 live money bankroll.
  • Each contestant may only wager on races at Fair Grounds Race Course or Gulfstream Park
  • Contestants are REQUIRED to ONLY wager $50 to Win AND Place on the same horse on 10 races
  • At least 5 of the races MUST BE PLAYED on races from Fair Grounds Race Course
  • Contestants keep all contest winning
  • Limit 2 entries per person

NHC Tour

All contest participants must be 2018 NHC Tour Members prior to the start of the contest to be eligible for prizes. You can join the tour by visiting www.nhctour.com.

Note: The contest is part of the regular pari-mutuel wagering system, and will result in winning money through that system.


Players must be legal residents of the U.S. or Canada and at least 21 years of age to participate. Contest entry fee is $1,500 per entry of which $1,000 becomes the contestant’s bankroll. Each contestant must register in person with valid government issued identification.  Contestants may also register the day of the tournament near the Contest area until post time for the 1st race.

ContestPrize Money (Based on a minimumof 125 entries)

First Place: Entry into the 2019 NHC atTreasure Island Las Vegas (Includes hotel stay and $400 airfare reimbursement)plus $10,000 in Cash

Second Place: Entry into the 2019 NHC at TreasureIsland Las Vegas (Includes hotel stay and $400 air fare reimbursement) plus $6,000 in Cash

Third Place: Entry into the 2019 NHC at Treasure Island Las Vegas (Includes hotel stay and $400 airfare reimbursement) plus $4,000 in Cash

4th – 8th Place: Entry into the 2019 NHC at Treasure Island Las Vegas (Includes hotel stay and $400 airfare

reimbursement) plus $1,000 in Cash

The $500 entry fee will go towards the Super Qualifier cash prizes and the 2019 NHC prize pool ($200 cash prizes / $300 NHC Prize Pool). For every additional contest entry $200 will be added to the Super Qualifier prize pool. Forexample, if there are 150 entries an additional $5,000 will be added in thecash prize pool.

The Winner of the Fair Grounds Super Qualifier will be eligible for a $500,000 bonus if he/ she goes on to win the 2019 NHC. The bonus will be paid in the form of anannuity or lump sum payment based on the terms provided by the insurancebroker.

Prizes will be distributed after verification of the results by the contest director.Winners will be announced after the contest has been declared official. To claim prizes, winners must complete the appropriate forms, including applicable tax forms, an affidavit of eligibility and release of liability and publicity (except where prohibited by law). These documents must be signed and prizesclaimed at Fair Grounds within the time period stated by Fair Grounds Inc. (“FairGrounds” or “Sponsor”). Winners will be responsible for paying applicabletaxes. Should technical difficulties occur and additional time required, winners may pick up their checks at Fair Grounds by appointment within five businessdays. No prize substitutions will be allowed. NHC spots may NOT be transferredto another participant. 

Types of Wagers:

  • Wagerscan only be made through the self-service terminals at Fair Grounds on December22nd  
  • Contestants MUST wager on 10 races at Fair Grounds or Gulfstream with $50 win and place onthe same horse per race
    • At least 5 of the races wagered on MUST BE AT Fair Grounds Race Course
    • Wagers made in other pools will not be allowed and could lead to disqualification.

Please wager early to avoid being shut out.


 A contestant receives a contest-wagering card with a confidential personal account number. Wagers maybe made at any F4 (newer model) self-service machine on the property or any BetPro monitor.

Players must place all wagerspersonally. No person shall directly or indirectly act as an intermediary, transmitter or agent in placing wagers for the player, unless authorized by Fair Grounds and for good reason shown. Need not be present to win (contestants may place wagers for all races at the official start time and inquire aboutresults at a later time.)

United Tote’s computer will track each contestant’s account balance. When a wager is made,the amount is automatically deducted from the contestant’s account. Contestants will receive an unofficial “tote ticket” when they place a wager. This ticketis a receipt, intended only to help the contestant keep track of his/her contestwagers. Contestants should hold on to all tickets until the end of the contest. Should any questions arise regarding individual accounts; the “tote tickets”will be needed to verify the accounts. “Tote tickets” cannot be used to access an account, only the personal account number indicated on the contest card canaccess account information. Tickets are non-transferable.

Contestants are urged to check their tickets for accuracy before leaving the mutuel window. Once betting is closed for a particular race, contestants will not be allowed to wager or make any changes to previously made wagers on that race for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation error, mistake, misunderstanding, technical difficulty, equipment failure, or any other cause of whatever nature.


If a horse is scratched after a wager is placed, it is the player’s responsibilityto change his/her selection prior to the race subject to all other contestwagering rules.


Current contest standings and account balances will be posted after each race in the designated contest areas and will be available on in house TV monitors.


In a result of a tie between any of the top seven finishing positions, the prize money will be divided equally    

among the players involved. If there is a tie for 8th place, the tiebreaker will be as follows:

  1. Most number of winners selected
  2. Highest Win mutuel payout
  3. Most number of place horses selected

The cash prizes will be divided equally among the players involved. In the event a prize winner is not a 2018 NHC tour member or already has qualified twice to the 2019 NHC, the berth will be awarded to the next highest finisher in the official standings.

Other Rules:

Owners and trainers with a horse running at Fair Grounds or Gulfstream Park on the day of the contest MUST DECLARE that interest at the time of registration and MAY NOT play a contest race that horse is entered in.

If Fair Grounds and Gulfstream should both run five or more races that day, the prizes will be awarded for the contest. The tournament director can alter the designated contest tracks prior to the event beginning if a weather related cancellation or otherwise altered card looks imminent. If Fair Grounds or Gulfstream should both cancel racing and run four races or fewer, entry fees will be refunded and the contest cancelled, with the contestants’ remaining bankroll returned.

Employees, officers, agents, successors, and assignees of Fair Grounds, its affiliates, their advertising agencies and promotional companies involved in this contest, as well as family, household members and agents of any of them, shall be ineligible to participate in the contest.

It is the responsibility of the contestant to report any problems to the Contest Director. Decisions of the Contest Director are final. Contest rules are subject to change, especially in the interest of fairness.

Fair Grounds reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel or suspend part or this entire contest. In such event, the contest will be rescheduled or entry fees will be refunded. If a tote system malfunction occurs during the Handicapping Contest, the contest will be stopped. A new date may be set or the qualifiers/winners may be determined by the standings of the last official race and prize money awarded accordingly. If a tote system malfunction occurs before the contest begins, all registration money collected will be refunded to the participants. Fair Grounds is not responsible for incomplete, inaccurate or incorrect capture of betting information or for computer, telephone, cable, network, electronic, hardware or software malfunctions, failures, connections, availability or garbled or jumbled transmissions, or unauthorized human intervention. Fair Grounds reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual it finds, in its sole discretion, to be tampering (or attempting to tamper) with the betting process or the operation of the contest; to be in violation of these official rules; or to be acting in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person.

By entering this contest, all winning contestants grant to Fair Grounds the right to advertise/publicize the names of the winning contestants without further compensation, unless prohibited by law.