2020-2021 Horsemen Protocols

Fair Grounds Policies and Regulations

2021 – 2022 Fair Grounds Horsemen Protocols

 Horsemen – Backside Access and Testing

All horsemen must fill out an Employee Badge List and fax it to 504-949-4778 or email to [email protected] 48 hours prior to your employees arriving at Fair Grounds. Only employees listed on the employee badge list and who have provided the proper testing documentation will be allowed on the property.

All horsemen and their entire staff must have a COVID-19 test taken at the Fair Grounds during the first available testing window after their arrival.

  • Tests may be taken at the Fair Grounds on Tuesdays and Fridays at the HBPA trailer on the backside between 10am and 2pm.

All horsemen are strongly encouraged to avoid any travel to other racetracks during this time. Horsemen making frequent trips to other tracks may be denied future access to the grounds or may be asked to submit to a COVID-19 test. Horsemen must also follow all travel restrictions and mandates in place by government officials.

Blacksmiths, Veterinarians and other 3rd Party Equine Vendors

Blacksmiths, Veterinarians, Vet assistants and other equine 3rd party vendors (equine dentist, equine massage therapists etc.) must provide a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of their arrival at Fair Grounds. Please present negative test results to the racing office after which you are approved to pick up track access hangtags from security.

Pony Personnel

Pony Personnel must complete a 2021- 2022 stall application in order to receive stalls in the pony barn. Personnel will enter and exit the pony barn through the Belfort St. entrance. All pony personnel must have their temperatures taken daily and mask policies will be strictly enforced during morning and live racing activities.

Track Kitchen

The Track Kitchen will be open daily and will be following all social distancing and mask enforcement guidelines.

Dormitory Policy

All dormitory residents will be temperature checked at any time they enter the facility.

Ship in to Race / Workout Policy – Belfort St. Receiving Barn

  • All trainers using the receiving barn must complete a stall application upon arrival and agree to all backside rules and policies.
  • Entrance and exit to the receiving barn area will ONLY be allowed at the Belfort St. access point. There will be no access from the pony barn entrance. Temperature checks will be conducted at the time of entrance and all mask policies will be strictly enforced.
  • Once a trainer and staff are approved to access the receiving barn area, a color coded wristband will be issued which will allow trainers and staff access to the main property and paddock area.

Daily Temperature Screening

  • Fair Grounds Security team members will conduct temperature screenings at each security post upon entry to the stable area.

Mask Enforcement

  • All horsemen MUST properly wear face coverings at all times while on the grounds. The only exception is for riders, while on horseback, who may lower their mask during high-speed gallops or breezes on the racetrack. Face coverings must be properly worn while walking to and from the racetrack and all times in or around the stabling area.
    • 3 Strikes penalty system for violators of the backside protocols:
      • Strike 1 – Written Warning
      • Strike 2 – $100 fine to be paid via check to the Fair Grounds by the employer (trainer) or vendor.
      • Strike 3 – Potential for ejection or a period of suspension from the grounds and referred to the stewards
    • Documentation of each violation will be given to the employee, the employer and Fair Grounds Management


Access for Morning Workouts

  • Due to COVID-19 protocols, only pre-approved owners ARE ALLOWED access to the backside at this time.
  • To be pre-approved, trainers must contact Mario Torres, Jason Boulet or Mike Streicher 24 hours before the owner’s arrival to get a 1-day owner / officials backside access pass. Once approval is granted, the owners may pick up their day pass at the ¾-pole security gate the morning of their visit.
  • Owners and trainers wishing to view morning workouts may do so on the frontside during training hours.
    • Enter through the East turnstile entrance and proceed to the security check in post to receive a credential that will approve you to move freely back and forth from the barn area to front side to view workouts. Note – the west gates WILL NOT be open for the 2020 – 2021 meet.


  • Third party vendors supplying materials or making deliveries to the backside will be required to check in at the 3/4-pole or ¼- pole security post and receive a 1-day vendor access pass provided by Jason Boulet, Mario Torres or Mike Streicher.

Race Day Ticketing and Access

  • Access for racing will be located at the West Entrance of the Grandstand near the Racing Office. A will call attendant will present passes at the entrance to the following groups. For syndicate ownership groups, the licensed owner (name appearing the program) may call horsemen’s relations and designate representatives for the group.
    • Racing Syndicates will be allowed two (2) representatives and two (2) guests per representative on the day their horse is racing.
    • Owners are allowed to have two (2) guests on the day their horse is racing.
    • Trainers are allowed to have two (2) guests on the day their horse is racing.
    • Jockeys are allowed to have two (2) guests on the day they ride.
  • Ground Floor concession stands and mutuels will be open.

Paddock Access

  • Only essential personnel will be allowed access to the paddock area. Trainers will be allowed a maximum of four (4) people, including the trainer, in the paddock area. Owners will be able to view from a designated paddock apron location.


Except for jockeys listed in the 2020-2021 Condition Book, all jockeys who wish to join the Fair Grounds jockey colony for the Fair Grounds winter meet must contact Fair Grounds Senior Director of Racing Jason M. Boulet or Fair Grounds Racing Secretary Scott L. Jones by Wednesday, Nov. 18.

Fair Grounds Colony Jockeys

  • All jockeys must provide one negative COVID-19 test taken in Louisiana within seventy-two hours prior to arriving at Fair Grounds. Test results should be sent to [email protected].
    • Jockeys are not permitted to work horses or enter the jockeys’ room until Fair Grounds receives this test result.

Jockeys Traveling from another race track

  • Jockeys coming to Fair Grounds from any other racetrack must provide two negative COVID-19 tests taken within a five-day window in order to return to ride at Fair Grounds.
    • Test 1 – a PCR NASAL TEST MUST BE TAKEN EXACTLY 5 days before your intended mount. This test may be taken in your local jurisdiction
  • Jockeys who leave the Fair Grounds and return must follow the same testing protocols before being cleared to ride.
  • Jockeys may not compete at another racetrack during the time between tests 1 and test 2.
  • Jockeys traveling from other racetracks who have completed the required testing will be physically isolated in a separate jockey quarters.

In addition to race day safety protocols, which include standard health screening and temperature checks, the jockey quarters at Fair Grounds have been substantially altered to provide maximum social distancing and reduce density. All areas accessed by jockeys during the regular course of a race day are closed to outside personnel, including credentialed media, and are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

All valets must provide a negative COVID-19 test taken within a seventy-two hour window in order to access the jockey quarters on opening day, Nov. 26.

Jockey Agents

  • Jockey agents must produce a negative COVID-19 within seventy-two hours in order to gain access to the barn area at Fair Grounds.
  • Jockey agents may access the backside only through the track kitchen entrance. Designated parking for agents will be near the kitchen. No jockey’s agents will be allowed in the racing office. Live draws will be conducted in the Black Gold Room each day. Agents may enter through the Black Gold Room doors, have their temperatures taken and proceed upstairs for the live draw. Racing office will contact jockey agents with a final and draw time daily.

Racing Office Policies

  • Trainers will have access to the racing office but ONLY to conduct official business and are not allowed to congregate or gather in the office. Dropping off foal papers, attending a stewards’ hearing or bookkeeper transactions are a few instances where access will be allowed.
  • The Horsemen’s Lounge will not be open during racing.

Fair Grounds will continue to evaluate all policies and procedures. These policies are subject to change and any change will be communicated to all horsemen via mass text and the FG Overnights.