On The Bit With Britt

Hi I’m Britt, just a regular girl who is marrying into this crazy world of horse racing. Not ever being around horses or racing in my life, boy have I learned a lot. From not knowing what a furlong, paddock, or quarter pole was, people inside the industry, and especially my fiancée jockey Mitchell Murrill have helped teach me along the way. You can find me helping out the media team at Fair Grounds this 2019-20 meet.

“On the Bit with Britt” is a look into horse racing from a fan’s eyes. Nothing real technical, but focusing on the entertainment aspect of the sport. This will be an inside look at everything from fashion at the races, history of horse racing and Fair Grounds, new trends, and a whole lot of fun in-between. I am excited to take you on all my journey of learning what this lifestyle is all about. I hope to bring a light-hearted, fun outlook to this sport we all love.

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