Home of the Louisiana Derby


Race #
6 Furlongs Dirt Purse $13,000 Maiden Claiming $10,000
Exacta / $0.50 Trifecta / $0.10 Superfecta $0.50 Super Hi-5
High Low
Proof Read
ML: 12/1 Current: 27
Rosier, Chris R 121 Lbs.
David; Jr, Sam B
Ex Marq
ML: 8/1 Current: 16
Eramia, Richard E 121 Lbs.
Faucheux, Ron
Aaron Of Goshen
ML: 4/1 Current: 6
Ramgeet, Andre R 116 Lbs.
Mceachern, Michael
Mr Rockin West
ML: 9/2 Current: 9/2
Theriot, Jamie 121 Lbs.
Asmussen, Steven M
I Have No Que
ML: 20/1 Current: 38
Murrill, Mitchell 116 Lbs.
Patt; Jr, Roland
Fast Half
ML: 6/1 Current: 9
Graham, James 121 Lbs.
Deville, Carl J
Hourly Appointment
ML: 8/1 Current: 6
Mena, Miguel 121 Lbs.
Hawley, Wesley E
Coded Sugar Cane
ML: 15/1 Current: 31
Hernandez, Colby J 121 Lbs.
Richards, Corale A
On Moonlight Bay
ML: 3/1 Current: 1
Torres, Francisco C 121 Lbs.
Scherer, Merrill R
Midnight Glide
ML: 20/1 Current: 53
Bermudez, Samuel E 123 Lbs.
Doll, Dwayne A
Halo Danny
ML: 20/1 Current: 40
Johnson, Patrick A 123 Lbs.
Behler, Judy L
Boston Buddy
ML: 20/1 Current: SCR
Ledet, Theodrick 118 Lbs.
Nicholas; Jr, Robert
Fast Fats Domino
ML: 30/1 Current: SCR
Martinez, Odilon 123 Lbs.
Martin, Debra A
Promissing Times
ML: 15/1 Current: SCR
Torres, Francisco C 121 Lbs.
Duhon, Joe O

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