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"One Card" and Tote Company Conversion Information and FAQs



To: All customers who have made deposits, withdrawals or placed wagers using a TwinSpires.com account balance at Fair Grounds or a Fair Grounds OTB in 2012 with the Fair Grounds “One Card.”  

As you may know, Fair Grounds and its OTB’s and will be upgrading from the current Amtote system to the new state-of-the-art United Tote wagering terminals effective September 28, 2012.

While this change will provide our patrons with the ultimate experience in on-track and OTB wagering, TwinSpires.com will be making a similar change and moving their wagering process to the United Tote system on or immediately after Tuesday, August 7. The result is that there will be an incompatibility between the Fair Grounds tote system and the TwinSpires.com system and Fair Grounds’ account wagering customers will be unable to access their TwinSpires.com account balances for all wagering activity using the One Card at Fair Grounds and its OTB terminals. However, deposits and withdrawals that can no longer be made at self-service terminals using the One Card will still be available at every location with the assistance of the on-duty managers at each site. 

We regret any inconvenience this may cause and expect that this service interruption will be temporary. When Fair Grounds changes over to the United Tote system later this Fall it is our expectation that TwinSpires.com players may be able to return to using their TwinSpires.com account balances for wagering at Fair Grounds and its OTB’s.

If you need any assistance our OTB staff will be present to assist you with the transition.

Thank you for your time and we hope that any inconvenience that this may cause is only temporary.

Eric Halstrom
Vice President & General Manager
Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots

Jeremy Clemons
Vice President of Marketing



What is a “One Card?”

The One Card system gives players the ability to deposit, withdrawal, and wager using TwinSpires.com funds through the tote terminals located at Fair Grounds and Fair Grounds OTBs.

Will I be able to wager using my TwinSpires.com One Card?

Beginning August 7, One Card users will temporarily lose the ability to place wagers using a One Card on tote machines at Fair Grounds or Fair Grounds OTBs. We are expecting that this service will be restored when Fair Grounds upgrades to United Tote on September 28, 2012.

What happens to the funds that are on the account?

The funds that are already on the account will remain on your TwinSpires.com account.

Can I place wagers using the funds on account?

Wagering through twinspires.com will be available. For phone wagering, including a live teller, call 1-877-774-7371 or to wager online visit TwinSpires.com.

Can I deposit cash or withdrawal funds from my twinspires.com account at Fair Grounds or Fair Grounds OTBs?

If you would like to deposit money onto your account or withdrawal funds, please ask for the OTB Manager and the Manager will be able to assist with depositing or withdrawing funds from your account.

Can I still earn TSC Elite points at Fair Grounds and Fair Grounds OTBs?

TSC Elite VIPs will still earn points by swiping their card at the tote terminals at Fair Grounds and Fair Grounds OTBs. Click here for more information about the TSC Elite wagering rewards program.