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Security's Thompson Part of HRTV's Eclipse Award Runner-Up Feature

As high profile horse trainers in addition to being natives of New Orleans, Tom Amoss and Al Stall Jr. have long become accustomed to microphones and TV lights, and as such they were ideal interviewees for HRTV’s Inside Information feature on Fair Grounds and Hurricane Katrina.

However, also as a significant interview subject on that television feature that won HRTV an Eclipse Award honorable mention this season was Lamont Thompson, one of two Fair Grounds security guards who volunteered to stay on site at the Crescent City oval all through the storm and its aftermath. Thompson’s detailed description of the increasingly high water level of the storm as it approached the facility greatly added to the reality of its content with its up-close-and-personal nature.

Thompson, 30, born and raised in New Orleans and a man who has been promoted to lieutenant in the Fair Grounds Security Department since the storm, was asked if he had ever been the subject of a television interview in his own past.

“Once or twice in high school,” said Thompson, who has a physical build much like that of Heisman Award winner Mark Ingram, and not too surprisingly was a running back in his day. “I played at Redeemer High School, right where Holy Cross is now.”

Asked about Ingram’s performance in the BCS Championship game won by Alabama, Thompson said, “(Ingram) is something else. It’s scary to think that he’s that good being as young as he is.”

Thompson also admitted that he’s never seen the HRTV feature, but has heard about it through friends and family that did and hopes he can one day get a copy of it.

“Katrina still comes up a lot in conversation,” said Thompson. “You just can’t not talk about it when someone asks about it. It’s still affecting a lot of people today.”