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Rachel Alexandra Won't Go to Oaklawn for Apple Blossom

Jess Jackson: “We tried and we really wanted to go (to the Apple Blossom). It’s unfortunate but the timing just wasn’t right. For the health of the horse. It’s obvious she’s not in top shape. The race yesterday was to define how far along she was. I repeatedly told people she was only eighty or eighty-five percent of what I thought was up to her top condition last year. That race proved it.”

What will be her major goals for the year now? “It’s up to her. She has to show us that she’s back up to her ’09 form. We had progressively accelerated her conditioning and it didn’t work, so we’re going to gear back, let her develop at her own pace. I can’t give you a prediction as to when but it might take a couple of months.”