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Complete LCD Stakes Quotes

Race 12—$100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Ladies Sprint
Fillies & mares, 3 and up, Accredited Louisiana-breds, six furlongs, 5th running

Jockey Miguel Mena (Cajun Conference, winner): “It was awesome. She showed speed in the Form and I was hoping we’d break good but she kind of broke in the air. I was already behind so I let them just go and I was just sitting on her and at the quarter-pole I had a lot of hold and waited a little bit and when I asked her to run she picked it up and killed ’em.”

Trainer Eric Heitzman (Cajun Conference, winner): “First and foremost I’d like to thank everyone at Southern Equine Stables. She was laid up for a while. There was a ton of speed in the race. We’ll take it. She is a very nice filly. Hopefully she comes out of it good.

“She lunged a little bit at the break. The horse was coming off along layoff and we schooled her in the gate but there’s only so much you can do in the mornings. And it worked out in our favor. There was a lot of speed in here and we had a bad post. I was hoping for an outside post because of her speed, thinking Miguel could get her clear and pick his spot and just pick them off as they came along. But in the long run it helped us out.

That was impressive for not having raced in 11 months. “Well, Picasso never painted a masterpiece with crayons. Southern Equine Stable, Mike Moreno, Eric Guillot, they gave me something to work with. They gave me something to work with and she got the job done.”

Race 11—$100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Sprint
3-year-olds and up, Accredited Louisiana-breds, six furlongs, 20th running

Jockey Kerwin Clark (Flashy Wise Cat, winner): “It was good. I never rode the horse before. I’ve been working him out, and that's exactly how he works, you know, we just let him settle the first part and make that big ol’ run. You know, like I said, I never rode him and I didn’t know what kind of kick to expect. So when we turned for home, there was kind of a little alleyway there down the middle and boy, when I reached back and hit him and he just…holy crap…he cut like he just left the gates and I was like, ‘Oh crap, I’ve got to find some place to go now.’ Troy just said, ‘Be patient, he runs good fresh,’ You know, he was right. What a performance.”

Trainer Troy Young (Flashy Wise Cat, winner): “Thank you mom and dad (owners Lee and Shirley Young of Lee Young Farm) for everything. He doesn’t handle the hot weather very well. That’s why he didn’t run during the summer. Likes the cold weather. I felt that if I had him ready to go he would go. Apparently he did it.

“There was going to be an honest pace, according to the Form. This horse loves this track and this track sets up well for him.

“We had to freshen him up. This horse, he doesn’t sweat. I got lucky to run two seconds with him. The last race was a bad call on my part and I shouldn’t have run him. We freshened him up and Kerwin had started riding a few horses for me. When it was time to get this horse ready for this race he was there to do the job for me. That’s the way I do my business. He was there when I needed him and he got the horse ready so he rode the horse today. Believe me, I had a lot of calls from a lot of good riders who wanted to ride this horse today but I stuck with Kerwin because he does the work in the mornings for me.”

Race 10—$100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile
2-year-old colts & geldings, Accredited Louisiana-breds, six furlongs, 20th running

Jockey Carlos Gonzalez (Su Casa G Casa, winner): “There was so much speed in the race. We’ve got a lot of speed but we don’t want to get into a speed duel. Bret told me, ‘Make sure you break sharp, let him go a few jumps, and then grab him.’ I let the horse on the inside go ahead and when I asked him he gave me a little bit at a time. A little more, a little more, then I caught up to the leaders at the quarter-pole and I asked him to go and he went.”

Trainer Bret Calhoun (Su Casa G Casa, winner): “I felt pretty confident. The race at Delta was pretty disappointing. He ran a great race just to get beat. He was roped by a horse the whole way that day. Going back to one turn I was pretty confident. There was a lot of speed in here and in the back of my mind I was hoping there’d be a speed duel and everyone would get burned up. I thought he was the fastest horse but I didn’t want him to go too fast and take a chance that he’d get burned out. Carlos did a good job the first three-eighths of a mile settling him in and the race went like we had hoped.”

Race 9—$150,000 Louisiana Champions Day Classic
3-year-olds and up, Accredited Louisiana-breds, 1 1/8 miles, 20th running

Jockey Robby Albarado (Star Guitar, winner): “I was just a passenger. Al did a great job of getting him ready today. He loves Fair Grounds. He was in a great position down the backside, within himself, and we were galloping along there. At the three-eighths pole I asked him for a little more and he was there. It unfolded just like I thought it would.”

Trainer Al Stall Jr. (Star Guitar, winner): “He’s found his little niche. He’s a very valuable horse. He’s sound. This is his time of year on this track. We kind of build our year around this race, really, so we just do the same thing.

“I can tell you what next race is going to be, but after that, I don’t know. We’ll go to the Premier over at Delta. He’s just a great horse, been a sound horse for us the whole time. He tried hard and he’s just full of class. He has this bunch over a barrel.

Will you still consider trying him against open company? “I’m thinking no as he gets older. He’ll be six this year. I’m thinking we’ll try the Premier Night at Delta and then give him a breather. He hasn’t been off the track in quite a while. I don’t think we would try the New Orleans Handicap or any of those again. We’ve tried that the last two years and we’re not going to make the same mistake three times.”

Owner and breeder Evelyn Brittlyn of Brittlyn Stable (Star Guitar, winner): “He has the personality and intelligence of a human. Extremely sharp.He has the heart of a beast and the good looks beyond belief.”

Jockey Gerard Melancon (Snug, second): “I knew right away there was no taking the lead. He relaxed really well and … I had everything pretty much my way and we just got outrun.”

Race 8—$100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Turf
3-year-olds and up, Accredited Louisiana-breds, 1 1/16 miles on turf, 20th running

Trainer Eddie Johnston (Snakebit Kit, winner): “I feel good. Good day. He (Snakebite Kit) is what he is and he likes running and he relaxes and he does it easy. He gets in the front and he continues going. He just loves this turf course. He’s just a nice horse; a nice, nice horse.”

Jockey Rosie Napravnik (Snakebite Kit, winner): “I know that it’s harder to hold the speed on the turf but the rail (which is set at 20 feet today) helped that. This was the first time I sat on him but he was nice to ride. This horse just like to run. You don’t see many horses go wire-to-wire on this turf course.

“You try to sit there as quiet as possible and hopefully you don’t have anyone pushing you, which we didn’t until maybe the second half. He relaxed really nicely and he finished well.”

Owner-Breeder Steve Hartman (Snakebite Kit, winner): “His mother makes great horses but they are late developing. Very impressive. Eddie has done a great job with him. Can’t complain about that ride.”

Jockey Richard Eramia (Kissimmee Kyle, second): “She (Rosie Napravnik on Snakebite Kit) had a lot of horse and went on. My horse ran a big race.”

Jockey Corey Lanerie (Desert Wheat, fifth): “Just no horse today; he really didn’t run his race for me. I don’t know. He felt great underneath me. He ran his race the same style as usual and I can’t say anything about the pace or anything like that. He was where he’s used to being and just didn’t fire home for me.”

Race 7—$100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Lassie
2-year-old fillies, Accredited Louisiana-breds, six furlongs, 20th running

Jockey Jamie Theriot (Reyina, winner): “She was very game. I was whipping her and she wasn’t taking it; she was starting to rebel on me. So I quit whipping her and threw a cross and she dug in. I threw another cross and she dug in again. It came down to a head bob but it looked like I was beat at the sixteenth pole.”

Trainer Tony Richey (Reyina, winner): “My advice to Jamie was to ride her. She’ll do what she wants to do.

“She ran super, she ran great. When they dig in like that, run to the end, you know, but you can look at her form, she dances every dance, you know. And she’s just tough, she’s a little tough filly.”

Jockey Corey Lanerie (Sweet Ruston, second): “I worked her the other morning just an easy three-eighths just to get the feel of her. Mike was just taking a shot. He didn’t know if she was good enough. She ran a winning race last time so he was just taking a shot and I’m glad he did. Unfortunately we just got beat by a head bob.”

Race 6—$100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Ladies
Fillies & mares, 3 and up, Accredited Louisiana-breds, 1 1/16 miles, 20th running

Jockey Rosie Napravnik (Ladyzarbridge, winner): “We get along with each other very well. I was happy to get out there and see we didn’t have too much pressure.”

Trainer Eddie Johnston (Ladyzarbridge, winner): “We are very proud. She thrived on this racetrack. She loves training on it. I told Rosie to do her magic.

“I claimed her as a 2-year-old with expectations of what she would be as a 4- and 5-year-old. I’ve had Zarbyevs before and know that they’re slow-growing mentally. I was real surprised that she came along so good as a 3-year-old. But she’s getting better and she’s matured so much, paced herself, settled down. I think she’s going to be good. I expected her to run good today but I didn’t know she’d run that good against a great filly (in Superior Storm).

“I loved those fractions. Rosie did it. When they went :48 and then (1:13) and change, I thought, ‘I’ve got a shot at this.’ And she kept going. It was great.”

Jockey Robby Albarado (Superior Storm, second): “We had a great trip, just couldn’t get to the horse in front. Soft quarter, equally soft second quarter. I was kind of hoping Jamie (Theriot, aboard Little Polka Dot) would apply some pressure down the backside; it looked like he had tons of horse sitting there. When he started losing ground I was able to get through there. She’s such a sweetheart to ride; she does everything professionally. She just couldn’t get to the winner.”

Race 5—$50,000 Louisiana Champions Day Handicap Stakes
3-year-olds and up, Accredited Louisiana-breds which have started for a claiming price of $20k or less in 2010, 1 1/16 miles, 20th running

Trainer Tony Richey (Grey Papillon, winner): “We gave him a little time after we ran him at Evangeline and he ran the bad race. There was a loose horse in the barn the night we ran him and that one ran all over the barn. Then he fought going to the gate. It was just a bad night for him. After that we stopped on him and gave him some time off. We’ve had this race planned all along, to give him a race at Delta, tighten him up off the layoff and then be ready here. And it worked. He was just perfect today.

“I think the public was betting on his appearance. He looked about as good as a horse can look today. He was dappled out and real alert.”

Jockey Richard Eramia (Grey Papillon, winner): “This is a very good horse and he won easy today. I didn’t see a lot of speed in the race so I put him on the lead and he went easy. The last three-sixteenths I had a lot of horse.”

Race 3—Grade 2 (Restricted), $100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Quarter Horse Classic
4-year-olds and up, Accredited Louisiana-breds, 440 yards, 20th running

Jockey Gilbert Ortiz (Zupers Quick Dash, winner): “He left good today. I knew if I could leave well and get the lead he’d be tough to beat. That other time, in September when we ran him here, they sprung the gate and he got left but he came running.”

Trainer Robert Touchet (Zupers Quick Dash, winner): “Here in September he didn’t get away real good. We usually run him in a flipping halter but these gates aren’t equipped for that. We were glad when we drew the nine-hole because we knew he’d be able to get in there and not have to stand too long. He’s a good horse and we’ve had a really good year with him.

“We’ll bring him home and rest him and let him tell us what he wants to do. If he comes back good after some rest we’ll probably run him at Delta again.”

NOTE: Gilbert Ortiz also won this race in 2001 aboard War Colors.

Race 2—Grade 2 (Restricted), $100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Quarter Horse Juvenile
2-year-olds, Accredited Louisiana-breds, 350 yards, 20th running

Jockey J.R. Ramirez (Fast Dashin Dude, winner): “I got him warmed up pretty good back there, got him on his toes. I was the last one to load and I was aiming to get him a good start. I didn’t want him to take a step back or anything in the gate. He broke great and had a perfect trip.”

Trainer Jorge Haddad (Fast Dashin Dude, winner): “He needed his last race. He had been out of racing for six months and he only had one workout so he needed that one. There was good competition in here but I was very confident. He’s really a nice colt; he always has been.”

Race 1—Grade 2 (Restricted), $100,000 Louisiana Champions Day Quarter Horse Derby
3-year-olds, Accredited Louisiana-breds, 400 yards, 20th running

Jockey Jeff Jerman (Zoobilee, winner): “She’s just getting better and better. She seems to love this racetrack. When they ran the (Quarter Horse) meet here (in September) she didn’t break as good but when we brought her down for the undercard (Bank of America Challenge Championships) race she was in the exact same spot as today – the eight hole – and she got away perfect. Stood in there quiet. You couldn’t ask for any better.”

Trainer Michael Zingelmann (Zoobilee, winner): “She absolutely loves this track. The jockey said that last time here she broke great and today she left even better.

What’s next for Zoobilee? “We don’t know yet. We’ll look at how she pulls up and go from there.”

NOTE: Races 4 and 13 were not stakes races. Race 4 was a Louisiana-bred maiden special weight for 2-year-olds at six furlongs. Race 13 was a Louisiana-bred maiden special weight for 2-year-old fillies at six furlongs.