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The Who Dats - Blew Dat

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting here in shock like a lot of other Saints fans. The Saints have been eliminated in the wildcard playoff game, losing to the Seattle Seahawks 41-36. The Saints season is over, done - see ya next year. Are you kidding me? This game was supposed to be like a prep for a good horse looking to move on to an important stakes race. We were supposed to go out there, execute, score some points - enough to beat the Seahawks - and move on to bigger and better things.

That didn’t happen. The Saints didn’t do dat. From the beginning it looked like they were going to do dat, but a good start and pretty good execution quickly turned into an “oh my God, here we go again” kind of game. I, along with a lot of other people watching the game at the track today, thought we (the Saints) were going to blow the Seahawks out. But we quickly found out that teams that make it to the playoffs, like the Seahawks, don’t give up.

I think today’s game was just a reflection of how the entire season went. There were times when we looked like the Super Bowl champions of last year and there were times when we looked like the Saints of old. I know injuries played a big part in some of our downfalls, but all NFL teams go through the injury problems.

I do like the fire and leadership that Drew Brees displays. When Drew is on the field, I always feel like we have a chance to do something special and pull off the miracle plays, but today that didn‘t happen. A lot of what happened to Drew this season was not his fault. There were a number of tipped passes that were intercepted and at times the pass protection was a little weak.

One big problem today was the secondary and their execution. The defensive backs would have had trouble covering and tackling me and I’m fat and slow. Even the NBC announcers made post game comments about the db’s playing with a lack of intensity. I felt like the Saints were a 1-9 shot running today that disappointed badly. The Racing Form comments would read something like this: showed speed from the outset, appeared to be in-hand and then failed to seriously menace when set down for the drive. In other words, it was a bad effort.

Last year I got a chance to meet former Los Angeles Rams quarterback Vince Ferragamo when I hosted the Louisiana American Italian Hall of Fame sports banquet. Vince gave a speech and talked about what was the difference between good players and great players and good teams and great teams. What he said made a lasting impression on me and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. He said “great players and great teams are not great all of the time - they’re great when they have to be“.

Last year, the Saints were great when they had to be - this year, they weren’t. This year, the Who Dats - Blew Dat.