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New Years Resolutions

I love New Years resolutions. Everybody has good intentions and makes them, but nobody can keep them. No matter how hard you try, it is virtually impossible to follow through on a New Years resolution. How many times have you made the resolution to lose weight and wind-up gaining 15 pounds by Mardi Gras. That resolution and failure applies to most of us. I thought it would be interesting to find out what were the 2010 New Years resolutions from a group of Fair Grounds regulars. In the words of one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived, "And away we go" (name the entertainer):

Eric Halstrom (Fair Grounds Vice President and General Manager) - I resolve to thank God for and appreciate all the good things in my life.

Jim Mulvihill (Communications and Pari-Mutuel Marketing Manager) - I will spend more time on the backstretch and introduce myself to every local horseman. The other part of my resolution is to bet on more winners.

Jason Boulet (Racing Secretary) - Hmmmm. New Year's resolution. To try and appreciate and enjoy this sport that has been so good to me. The business side of it makes it tough sometimes, but we're all in this because we love it. I'm going to sit back and try to be a little more easy going when it gets tough around here. That sounds kind of simple, but I think it's an important part of being a successful racing secretary

Tiffany Bourque (Assistant Racing Secretary) - Never, ever try to catch a cab in the French Quarter on New Year's Eve. Impossible to hail a cab. I'd also like to save money for a new house.

Angie Hebert (Placing Judge) - Give up drinking Diet Coke and drink more water. Like Tiffany, I'd also like to save money to buy a new house.

Mario Torres (Stall Superintendent) - For the good Lord to continue blessing me and my family.

Sandra Salmen (Horsemen's Relations) - Keep on smiling and get more people to come to the races.

Roy Wood (State Steward), Brook Hawkins and Pete Kosiba (Association Stewards) - Known to be sticklers for details and rule with iron fists, the Fair Grounds Board of Stewards issued a unanimous resolution: We, the Fair Grounds Board of Stewards, will believe every explanation presented by any and all jockeys and jockey agents to be completely factual without question. (Jackpot!)

J. Brent Seward (Retired Racing Official) - Not to tell the same race track stories about the old days and old timers, like myself, over and over and over again. CRS is starting to become a problem. I think - I'm not sure - I can't remember - Did I work here?.

Tom Amoss (Trainer) - To smile more often. (At who?)

Frank Bernis (Tom Amoss' Assistant Trainer) - To be a nicer, more understanding person when dealing with jocks and jock agents. (Yeah right)

Lenny Pike (Agent) - My resolution deals with my jock (Robby Albarado). My hope is for Robby to stay healthy in 2010 and for us to win the most sought after race in the racing world, the Kentucky Derby.

Bobby Kelly (Agent) - With Bobby Kelly, what you see is what you get. His resolutions (thoughts) were not suitable for print.

Jerry "Pooh Bear" Reites (Agent) - to be a nicer person, more sociable and interact better with everybody. No, really.

Paul Pembo (Agent) - My resolution is to believe "Pooh Bear's" resolution when I see it. Can't happen. (I agree)

Wesley Landry (Agent)- Try not to get any fleas. You know what they say - you hang with dogs, you get fleas.

David Heitzmann (Agent) - Not to go to any more Super Bowl parties. They're not good for me.

H.L. Hahn III (Trainer) - To try to get along better with Mr. Tony (Martin), my stable agent.

Michael Stidham (Trainer) - My barn - my rules!

Hilary Pridham (Michael Stidham's Assistant Trainer) - Stop cursing. My boss, I mean, this business will make you do that.

Fred Aime (Agent) - My resolution is to never make resolutions.

Anthony Martin (Agent) - I'm basically new to the agents business, so my resolution is to continue to earn the respect and trust of the horsemen I deal with.

My resolution is simple - not to gain those15 lbs. by Mardi Gras. A lot of us hope to come here for this very tough winter racing season and break even, in every aspect. That's exactly what I'm hoping to do - leave here at the end of March at the same weight and with the same amount of money that I had when I arrived - no more, no less.

There you have it - New Years resolutions from some of the Fair Grounds regulars. I'm already sure some of the resolutions won't take long to break. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that Tom Amoss, Frank Bernis and Jerry "Pooh Bear" Reites are the first to crack. In fact, that's a cinch trifecta if I ever saw one.

Good luck and good racing and have a very Happy New Year from Rockin' with Rick!