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Is This A Dream?

The wonderful thing about a blog is you can write about anything you want and do it in an informal way. When I started this blog I was really concerned about my ability to punctuate correctly, but Jim Mulvihill told me not to worry about it. He said that was the beauty of writing this type of copy, do the best you can, but don't sweat it if you make a mistake. So, I hope you English majors out there can overlook my misuse of some words and my many punctuation mistakes.

Now, that brings me to the subject I'm writing about today. This horse racing blog is not even related to horse racing, but it definitely deserves as much attention as we can give it. This topic is very dear to the hearts of every native Louisianian that's ever been to a professional football game in Tulane Stadium or the New Orleans Superdome. I'm talking about the New Orleans Saints football team. Can you believe we have made it to the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl - the Kentucky Derby of football. We've got to win one more football game and we'll be the 2010 National Football League's Super Bowl Champions and claim the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. Somebody wake me up, cuz I must be dreaming.

Like all true Saints fans, I too, have been through all of the ups and downs of forty-plus years. I was just a kid, but I was there when John Gilliam was the first Saint to touch the football and ran back the opening kickoff and Tulane Stadium went wild. I was not there when Tom Dempsey kicked his 63 yard game-winning field goal, but I was listening to the game on radio while fishing with my dad in Bayou Bienvenue in Chalmette. It's funny how you never forget where you were when certain things happen.

I was also there when we, the fans, wore bags on our heads and referred to the team as the Aints. I kinda gave up on the Saints. Please forgive me. I promise that will never happen again in life. I must also confess that I started pulling against the Saints and for the Carolina Panthers (for only a couple of seasons) when Jake Delhomme became their quarterback. Hey, Jake is a really cool guy and he's always around the track in the off-season. If you ever got a chance to know Jake, you'd understand. He's a class act and a credit to not only professional football, but also Louisiana horse racing.

Back to reality. This is reality, right, we are in the Super Bowl. Can we beat the Indianapolis Colts? You're darned right we can. As every writer and sports reporter has been saying since the NFC Championship game, the New Orleans Saints are a team of destiny. Watching the last few minutes of the game against the Vikings, I told my wife Jeanette, I have a knot in my stomach and I think I'm going to be sick if we get beat. I can't ever remember feeling like that watching the Saints. Stuff happens, call it divine intervention or whatever you want, but the Saints beat Brett Farve and the Vikings.

The only thing I regret about this Super Bowl is that two certain people are not here to witness this madness . My dad was a die-hard Saints fan until the day he died in 2001. He never wore a bag on his head and he always believed next year would be the year. Man, I wish he was here to see next year is finally here. The other person I wish were here to see this is Buddy D. He passed away in 2005, but he looked nice the other day decked-out in his super-imposed dress on the cover of the Times Picayune Living section. Buddy D would have finally gotten that chance to wear high heels and a dress in person. A bunch of die-hards led by Bobby Hebert, the father of the Who Dat Nation, turned out in dresses to honor Buddy D this past Sunday at a pre-Super Bowl parade.

I think Buddy D was one of the Saints biggest critics, but he was also one of their biggest fans and supporters. I could just imagine how excited he would be hosting Hap's Point After Show on WWL Radio after the Saints beat the Colts 34-24 (my prediction). Hey guys, we need some help from up there, so see if you can call in a heavenly favor.

Like the words in the U2 song - the Saints are coming - the Saints are coming to Miami to rock the Colts.

Agents are supposed to be pretty good handicappers, so listed below is the final score predictions of the Fair Grounds jocks agents. (non-agents making a prediction are marked with an * by their name)


Richie "The Rat" Price:  New Orleans 38 Indianapolis 14

Bobby "The Grump" Kelly:   New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 28

Paul "Paulie" Pembo:   New Orleans 24 Indianapolis 20

Terry "Jaws" Miller:   Indianapolis 37 New Orleans 30 (this is a good thing - Jaws hasn't picked a winner since Secretariat was a 2 year-old)

Lenny "Len Len" Pike:   New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 21

Jerry "Pooh Bear" Reites:   Indianapolis 31 New Orleans 21

David Heitzmann:   New Orleans 42 Indianapolis 34

Wesley Landry:   Indianapolis 37 Indianapolis 34

*Dr. Beau Landry:   New Orleans 28 Indianapolis 17

*Bobby Wallace:   Indianapolis 38 New Orleans 35 (Bobby is a die-hard Cowboy's fan, so this is a hate-play)

Derek Ducoing:   Indianapolis 20 New Orleans 17

Anthony Martin:   New Orleans 34 Indianapolis 28

Tony Martin:   New Orleans 28 Indianapolis 21

Britt McGehee:   New Orleans 35 Indianapolis 28

Fred Aime:   New Orleans 31 Indianapolis 27

*Sandra Salmen:  New Orleans 24 Indianapolis 21

*Neil Pessin:   New Orleans 34 Indianapolis 21

Me:   New Orleans 34 Indianapolis 24

Also included in this week's blog for your reading pleasure are a few bits and pieces of "worthless football information":

The Baltimore Colts became the Indianapolis Colts in 1984.

Highest combined scoring game in regular season: Washington Redskins 72  New York Giants 41 on November 27, 1966

Biggest one-sided win in regular season: Chicago Bears 73  Washington Redskins 0 on December 8, 1940

Highest combined scoring game in playoffs: Arizona Cardinals 51  Green Bay Packers 45 on January 10, 2010

Highest combined scoring game in Super Bowl: San Francisco 49'ers 49  San Diego Chargers 26

The combined salaries of all NFL players exceeds 3 billion dollars (how many zero's is that)

Please note that with these bits and pieces of "worthless football information" and $2.00 you can place a bet at any Fair Grounds mutuel window.

***** Disclaimer - if any of this information is wrong - it was given to me by Jerry "Pooh Bear" Reites from his i-phone while we were sitting around in the racing office doing absolutely nothing *****.