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Handicapping: How do you use the Brisnet products?

One of the most important tools that I utilize every day that I handicap are the BRIS Pace Ratings. BRIS calculates pace ratings for both the first and second call of each race run in North America.  The numbers are adjusted for track conditions and across distances.  This results in some very accurate figures.  Think of them as "internal" speed ratings. 

Focus on race conditions similar to today's race, such as 6 furlongs on the Polytrack.  Determine what each runner's average pace ratings are for the first and second calls.  Then, you can look back at the entire field and visualize how the race will set up.  It really is fairly simple, yet super effective.

If I am stuck in a situation (this is rare) where I can't access my Brisnet Ultimate PPs, and I am forced to use the Form or program, I feel very uncomfortable trying to determine the pace situation in most races.  The raw fractions simply don't cut it.

The Brisnet PPs are loaded with all sorts of great information, from detailed trainer stats to pedigree data. Tell us how you use your favorite Brisnet product to handicap.